Cedar Nut Oil with extract Sea Buckthorn Berry 100ml
This oil is a combination of Siberian cedar nut oil and the all natural extract of sea-buckthorn berries. The cedar oil, enriched with a natural extract of sea-buckthorn berries, allows expanding the nutritional variety and enriches it with polyunsaturated fatty acids, carotene, vitamins, microelements, and other biologically active substances for...
Essential Oil of Cedar Needles 10ml Essential Oil of Cedar Needles 10ml 2
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Siberian Cedar Essential Oils - 100% natural essential oils extracted cleanly using the old methods of distillation of needles, resin, and Siberian pine cones with water vapor. It has a strong antiviral effect, is a source of natural pro-vitamins and volatile production. Ideally suited for inhalation, massage, flavoring, premises, and also for use in...
Cedar Cream-balm for Body Rejuvenation Cedar Cream-balm for Body Rejuvenation 2
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Cosmetics and Care

Cedar Cream-balsam for Body Rejuvenation 30ml

Zvonící cedry Ruska
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The carefully selected composition of this cream is specifically created to rejuvenate the skin and restore elasticity to blood vessel while reducing joint and spine pain, wrinkles, and signs of aging.
Cream-balsam Daytime Facial Cream-balsam Daytime Facial 2
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Cosmetics, balms, ointments

Сedar Cream Balm Daytime Facial 30 ml

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Effective for face skin care and skin protection from the negative influence of environmental factors especially within the city.
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