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Elixir MEGRE in cedar oil 100ml

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It is the mix of cold pressed cedar nut oil and cedar Elixir. It affects the body as well as the Elixir, but its influence is more gentle and delicate.
Siberian Cedar resin essential oil 10ml Siberian Cedar resin essential oil 10ml 2
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Siberian Cedar Essential Oils - 100% natural essential oils extracted cleanly using the old methods of distillation of needles, resin, and Siberian pine cones with water vapor. It has a strong antiviral effect, is a source of natural pro-vitamins and volatile production. Ideally suited for inhalation, massage, flavoring, premises, and also for use in...
Siberian Cedar's Pine Nut Oil 100ml - second press Siberian Cedar's Pine Nut Oil 100ml - second press 2
Siberian Cedar Nut Oil in older time was named the means from 100 illnesses. The Cedar oil was always considered a delicacy. It is easily acquired by an organism, possesses high nutritious and curative properties, it is unusually rich in vitamins also microcells. Cedar nut oil contains a wide set of substances useful for a human body: polynonsaturated fat...
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