Кто же мы? / Who Are We? - 5. book (russian)
Кто же мы? / Who Are We? - 5. book (russian)

Кто же мы? / Who Are We? - 5. book (russian)



Author: Владимир Мегре / Vladimir Megre
Pages: 240
Release Year: 2001
ISBN: 978-5-8174-0159-2

«Who are we?», Book V

«This book even takes your breath away when you are thinking: «Has a great national idea from which the bloom of the Russian state will begin appeared? Or has anything greater happened in this world and become the beginning of the new stage of human development?» 
This book of the series «Звенящие кедры России» keeps us having a kind of wonderful presentiment. 
«Those who have been able to understand their destination and the essence of eternity will live happily always reincarnating as they will create the eternity by their thoughts».

Language: Russian

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