Polštář z cedrových hoblin 50x60

Kissen mit Zederkloesschenblaettern 50x60

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Pillow filled with Siberian Cedar cone leaves. The rigid structure of the pillow filler ensures excellent massage properties. Cone leaves affect the muscles of the face and head, relaxing them and improving blood circulation. It also relieves muscle tension in shoulder and back, providing better rest.

After sleeping on the pillow filled with Cedar cone leaves, due to the continuous massage, wrinkles and edema disappear; skin become smoother and its tonus is increasing. Acupuncture effect on ears and face gives a rejuvenating effect and improving metabolic processes in the body.

The material is natural cotton fabric, pleasant to the touch, hypoallergenic and completely “ breathable”.

Packaging: gift bag

Size: 50x60 cm

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